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 Follow The Sun offers different kind of surf and yoga packages for you and your group, as well as single  surf and yoga lessons  All our packages are possible to mix and match, so you can book the perfect surf trip or yoga trip especially for you and your friends. For more information about surf and yoga click here




  If you would like to add some of our activities to your package, do not hesitate to contact us. All our 

                        activities are possible to be sold as single without any package.


Sunset trip to our secret, hidden place

with amazing dunes and landscape like you’ve never seen before. Enjoy dinner on the dunes with magical sunset, bonfire and sand surfing 

with your friends.

. It is a magnificent place to stay at night.

A beautiful view of the sky will take your breath. 

Paradise Valley

Escape city life and explore the natural

beauty of Imouzzer and Paradise Valley.

The deep, palm-lined canyon, combined with a flowing river snaking along Its base, creates an awe-inspiring photo opportunity. 

 After a rocky walk of about 20 minutes you reach the pools which are stunning. On the way to Paradise Valley we stop at Aragan farm with garden and shops where you can buy handmade products

Local Market

This is the largest market in the region. It has about 6,000 small shops. It is surrounded by walls and has several entrances. It is organized into different sectors: furniture, crafts, clothing, vegetables, meat, spices etc.

It is possible to find all kinds of handicrafts and traditional decorations. The best place to buy all presents for your friends and family

Rates and others

Paradise Valley /min 3 people: 25 € per person

Paradise Valley / 1 person:  50 € per person

Dunes /min 3 people: 35 € per person

Dunes/ 1 person: 55 € per person

Local Market/ min 3 people: 15 € per person

Local Market/ 1 person: 30 € per person

Hammam or Massage / 1 h: 20 € per person

Day trip to Essaouira/ min 3 people:  60 € per person

Day trip to Marrakech/ min 3 people 80 € per person

Day trip to Imsouane /min 3 people : 50 € per person

3 days trip to Sahara/ min 3 people: 180 € per person

Transfer Agadir airport: 30 

Transfer Agadir city: 15 

Transfer Marrakech airport: 120 

C O N T A C T  U S
Tamawanza, Aourir, Agadir, Marocco
  +212 762 228 095
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