Food is love ! 

and we do love cooking

We serve our healthy and delicious food on the terrace with a panoramic view at the ocean and mountains. The best way to enjoy the food is with a sunrise or sunset on our rooftop.

Our chef Myš is cooking a blend of typical Moroccan dishes as well as Mediterranean and modern cuisine

 You can find fresh fish and meat as well as vegetarian or vegan meal in our menu.  We buy groceries at our local markets from Moroccan farmers. Honestly, we are in love with plant - based food. Nowadays, healthy eating is very necessary. We use organic products, seasonal fruits and vegetables as much as we can in the selection of our dishes.

 We make sure that you get enough proteins and vitamins, healthy fats and carbs for a lot of energy in the ocean.

Follow The Sun Hostel offers our customers delicious breakfast and dinner every day. Breakfast is served from 8.00 until 9:30 am and dinner from 18.00 until 22.00 pm and it is also dependable on the request of our customers. All our dishes are served on the terrace with an amazing view of the ocean and the mountains. Our food is perfectly enjoyable anytime.

love goes through stomach, join us and explore Moroccan dishes infused with modern cuisine by our Chef 

C O N T A C T  U S
Tamawanza, Aourir, Agadir, Marocco
  +212 762 228 095
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